Interviu cu Megan Crewe

Cum azi e oficial prima zi de vară, m-am gândit că această zi ar merita ceva mai special, pentru că cine nu iubeşte vara? I-am trimis un mail autoarei volumului Mai las-o moale cu fantomele , sau Give up the Ghost, în original, iar ea a fost atât de drăguţă încât să accepte interviul :)

1. Would you please make a little introduction about yourself? (maybe something about your passions ~excluding reading and writing, of course :) ~)

Reading and writing are definitely a big part of my life. I started writing stories when I was really little. But I also love pretty much all the other arts–especially music and movies. A good song can give me chills, and sometimes there’s nothing better than watching a great movie. It’s such a different story experience than reading.
I also love to travel and see far off parts of the world. So far I’ve been to Britain, Italy, China, and Japan, and I’m hoping to see more of Europe as well as Egypt in the next few years.

2. So, you’ve written a book about a girl hanging up with ghosts. Would you like to see a real ghost and maybe talk to it?

It depends on the ghost! It would be really interesting to talk to a relatively friendly ghost like the ones Cass knows, and find out about their past. I definitely wouldn’t want to meet a scary ghost!

3. Can you describe Give up the Ghost in one word?


4. Which is your favourite character in Give up the Ghost? And which is the one who gave you the most headaches?

I’m probably most fond of Cass. I had to be, to spend the whole book in her head! Though she can be prickly and negative, I feel like I understand where she’s coming from and it was really lovely getting to take her through her transformation into a more understanding and open human being at the end.
That said, Cass was also the *hardest* character to write. Because she has many qualities that are not likable, it was difficult for me to stay true to her voice, but also show readers her softer side. I spent many revisions trying to make her come across kinder and more compassionate without turning her into a completely different character.

5. As I said, your book is about ghosts, when most of the YA novels are about vampires or werewolves. Do you wanted to write something different or do you prefer ghosts in spite of those creatures?

To be honest, I wasn’t thinking about which creatures were popular or not when I wrote GIVE UP THE GHOST. The story idea that came to me involved ghosts, and I was excited about it, so that’s the story I wrote. I think the best stories are written because the author is excited about the idea, rather than because they came up with an idea they thought other people would like.

I’m certainly not opposed to vampires and werewolves. In fact I’ve recently worked on a novel that involves a werewolf-like creature. :)

6. What do you think about adolescents passion for vampires and paranormal?

I think a lot of people are fascinated by the unknown. Vampires and the paranormal are very popular with adults too! It’s a way to explore some of the things that happen in real life, like falling for the wrong guy or having to decide what path your life will take, but the supernatural element makes it even more exciting.

7. What genres are your favorites?

I love anything out of this world–fantasy, science fiction, paranormal, it’s all good. Which is why that’s what I write!

8. Who is your favorite author?

That’s a tricky one, but I think my favorite author of all time would have to be Roald Dahl. I have never stopped being impressed by his unique imagination, his sense of humor, and his quirky characters.

9. If I tell you that I have lots of ideas for stories but I just can’t put them on paper, what would you advise me?

I would say to just try, and keep trying. Like anything you do, writing is a skill that improves with practice. No one is able to write a story exactly the way they imagine it in their head the first time they try. In fact, every writer I know, including myself, still struggles with finding the exact right words to convey what seems perfect in our imagination. But the more you try to do it, the better you get. It’s okay for it not to turn out wonderfully. You have to start somewhere!

10. Finally, is there something you want to tell to your fans from Romaina?

I’d like to say that I really, really appreciate how enthusiastic my Romanian readers have been. I’m always glad to hear from you. And also, since people have been asking, I’m doing everything I can (which unfortunately is not very much) to make sure my next book, THE WAY WE FALL, is also published over there. If you’re eager to read more of my books, let the publisher know! That can help a lot.

Sper că nu am dat-o prea tare în bară cu engleza mea…şi, de asemenea,sper că am pus întrebări potrivite, având în vedere că e primul interviu pe care îl iau… Nu am tradus, pentru că întotdeauna evit să fac asta, mie mi se pare că traducerea nu poate reda nici o dată exact ceea ce spune textul original, şi nu îmi place asta. Dar dacă este cineva care consideră că ar trebui să traduc, e liber să îmi spună asta :).

Şi nu în ultimul rând, thanks Megan! :)



2 comentarii (+add yours?)

  1. Diana cu dublu n
    Iun 01, 2011 @ 23:43:07

    Oh, ce frumos ca ti-a raspuns. Interesant interviul. Ma face sa vreau sa citesc si eu cartea.


  2. Crisa
    Mar 18, 2012 @ 11:01:45

    i-am luat si eu un interviu de curand

    daca vrei sa te uiti si sa-mi spui ce crezi.
    imi place ce ai intrebat-o tu :)


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